Poor Cameron – All Alone

Posted: November 28, 2011 in anti-cuts resistance, politics
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Even David Cameron’s pet head teacher is going to strike this week, making him look even more awful than he already does:

Mrs Foster-Agg, a head teacher of 11 years and a loyal Conservative supporter, said: “This has been the most difficult decision of my professional life.

‘Pensions not bust’

“It’s a very difficult decision for every teacher.

“Putting the children first is uppermost in our minds and it is not a decision we take lightly.

“This action for me is really in support of all the younger teachers who are going to lose out,” the Worcestershire head teacher said.

“My concern is that they are not going to attract the best people into the teaching profession and you are not going to get the number of heads coming through, when there is already a shortage of head teachers.

“Our pensions are not bust. Two recent audits have shown that the pension pot is viable for another 50 years and we are not going to be a burden on the taxpayer.

“The difference in the summer was that I had faith in the government that they could work out a solution.

“I have not seen any progress so I have decided to follow my union’s advice to strike.”

You know that something’s seriously wrong when even Tories are prepared to strike against this government’s austerity agenda. In fact you might say that if someone like Mrs Foster-Agg says her pension isn’t bust, that it might just be true. In fact it might just lend a lot more credibility to the idea that the Tories’ agenda is ideological, not necessary. I hope very much that the unions shut whole swathes of the country down, and if the Tories really do retaliate by trying to rewrite striking legislation, then they’re even crazier than even I thought they were. Can we start talking about a Robin Hood tax yet? The French are, and even the founder of one of this country’s most successful hedge funds isn’t opposed to one!


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