How Your Pension Gets Ripped Off

Posted: November 30, 2011 in anti-cuts resistance, politics
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Ripped-Off Britons offers an outstanding blog post explaining what’s going on behind the scenes with your pensions, which the government seems extraordinarily indifferent to:

With gentle sounding charges of 2.5%, much less than the 15% service charge you pay when you go for a restaurant meal, the pension funds can grab nearly half of a lifetime’s savings. Something you may only realise when you get the letter announcing your pitifully disappointing pension, discovering too late the jaws of post-retirement poverty that have been tightening on your throat for the previous 40 years.

Read the whole post. I can’t possibly do it justice here. But anyone who really thinks the Tories aren’t doing anything ideological with public sector pensions ought to think again after reading this.

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