White Wine in the Sun – Kate Miller-Heidke (by Tim Minchin)

Posted: December 2, 2011 in music, skeptic
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To all the Christians who wonder how atheists can celebrate/enjoy Christmas…

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  1. tobeforgiven says:

    OK. So celebrate Christmas! Great. Just at least remember what Christmas is. Don’t take that from us.

  2. I’ll give you an example. The shopping mall in our town wants to have a Christmas celebration. They want to call it Christmas. When a Church approached them to ask if they could have a nativity scene the mall agreed. They agreed that the nativity scene would be in the stair well in the back corner of the basement parking lot. The most out of the way place possible.
    That is how Christmas is taken away from Christians.
    Christmas is about Christ! Not about santaclause and presents. Yet, I am no longer allowed in many places to tell people that. In some places me saying Christmas is about Jesus would be tantamount to hate speech.
    I don’t care if you call it Xmas or holidays. But Christmas is a celebration of Christ, there is no way to get around that.
    But if you want to celebrate Christmas, dont be alarmed if Christians give you tracts and Bibles, and tell you the story over and over again!!!

    • cosmodaddy says:

      Are you really saying that if you can’t proselytise the way you want over Christmas that’s tantamount to ‘taking it away’ from you? That’s silly.

      I don’t think your example really makes any sense. There’s every chance the shopping mall placed the scene where they did because they didn’t want to get in the way of crowds, have a health & safety problem or any number of commercial considerations which, after all, should be higher up their agenda.

      That holiday anyway wasn’t originally Christian. Christianity co-opted it. You may have missed the point of the song.

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