Poor Old Chris Grayling

Posted: February 29, 2012 in anti-cuts resistance, Conservative Party, politics
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It couldn’t have happened to a bigger Tory moron. Of course now they’ve decided that one element of workfare will no longer be compulsory. It’s a start, but bravo to Channel 4 News for kicking these lying bastards where it hurts. If you’re still not convinced it really is workfare, check out the superb blog post on Latent Existence.

  1. Timothy Silversides says:

    If they are telling the truth, Its ok.

    If he is not being truthfull then there will soon be loads of outraged sanctioned people protesting on the streets causing a hell load of trouble!!

    Benifits is a human right, to have that taken away will mean families starve, and end up severly hating Uk and doing terrible things. ( like burn down tescos ect…. )

  2. GEORGE says:

    still got sanctions on the WORKPROGRAMME why? isnt that discrimination.

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