John Fashanu Believes There Are No Gay Footballers

Posted: March 19, 2012 in gay rights, human rights
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In a serious case of head-in-the-sand level of ignorance and/or stupidity, footballer John Fashanu has not only claimed that his late gay brother wasn’t gay, but that there aren’t any gay footballers at all:


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“It’s a macho man’s game and I think there are reasons why we haven’t had any gay footballers come out.

“I don’t believe there will be. I’m not saying there aren’t some there, but I can tell you in twenty years of playing all my matches I have never come across a gay footballer.

“I’m not someone who says, ‘I’ve got black friends, they’re all good people.’ I’m not going to say ‘I’ve got gay friends, who are all good people.’

The interview makes an awful claim about his brother Justin, who killed himself after years of homophobic abuse, but what’s most notable for me is his incredible denial about gay footballers. Surely it’s ignorance like his which contributes to the climate making it impossible for gay footballers to come out?


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