There’s a Reason the Tories Failed…

Posted: May 4, 2012 in anti-cuts resistance, Conservative Party, politics
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George Eaton in the New Statesman starts the reflection over the Tories’ electoral disaster last night:

Already, Tory MPs have rushed to offer their own idiosyncratic explanations for the party’s defeat. Gerald Howarth, a defence minister, has blamed David Cameron’s support for gay marriage, Bernard Jenkin has said House of Lords reform needs to go, Martin Vickers has cited the decision to cut the 50p tax rate (rather than fuel duty), while Gary Streeter, a noted moderate, has said Cameron needs to be tougher on crime to halt the Ukip surge. Expect the blame game to continue across the weekend.

So very Tory, to have an electoral disaster and come up with the conclusion they weren’t nasty enough! This is about student fees skyrocketing to £9,000. This is about killing off the EMA. This is about ATOS and A4E and their abuse of people living with disabilities. This is about a recession brought about by Gideon. This is about the destruction of the NHS. It’s outrageous to suggest it had anything to do with Camoron’s support for marriage equality, moronic to suggest the electorate was even paying attention to the Westminster natter about electoral reform. This is about the electorate realising that a very nasty party is allied with a bunch of yellow frauds, and together they’re doing their level best to destroy the country.

In many ways, however, the real story of the night was the disastrously low turnout. At just 32 per cent, it was the lowest figure since 2000, confirming the alienation many voters feel from the entire political class. The anti-politics mood is one explanation for the resounding rejection of directly-elected city mayors. The voters simply don’t want more politicians. Manchester, Nottingham and Coventry have all voted against having a mayor, while Birmingham appears to have done the same. Cameron’s call for “a Boris in every city” has fallen on deaf ears.

Ultimately of course this is the lesson underpinning all others. Blair screwed us all over when he ignored the country’s demand not to go to war in Iraq. Camoron and Clegg screwed the youth vote over permanently when they ignored their opposition to higher education ‘reform’, but they all did far worse in the expenses scandal. Let’s not forget either the lessons of Leveson: they were all in bed with Murdoch together too. These abuses of power were universal, have been noticed and haven’t been forgiven. So by all means Tories please tack further to the right. You’ll be wiped out as a political entity in 2015 and I’ll be there dancing on your political graves.


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