How Theists Commit Abuse on Twitter

Posted: May 17, 2012 in freedom of speech, human rights, religion
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Friends I’ve had a pretty unusual encounter with a theist and her minion on Twitter today, which I’d like to show you.

  1. blondygirl1
    @velvetrose15 I don’t feel sorry for vile hatred, I stand up to it! Please pray, I’m busy blocking & reporting their attackers right now!
    Thu, May 17 2012 03:08:50
  2. velvetrose15
    @blondygirl1 I don’t put up with it either, you don’t mock God!
    Thu, May 17 2012 03:27:36
  3. Lewishamdreamer
    RT @blondygirl1 You’re right, NO ONE mocks my God! <- Which one? Odin? Vishnu?
    Thu, May 17 2012 05:43:27
  4. And with that she claims to have reported me for abuse on Twitter. Quite staggering really, but she’s not the only one:
  5. tomboybynature
    all the people i hav shown u 2day r bullies on a nice community. pls block and report them. they dont deserve 2 mingle w/ nice people.
    Thu, May 17 2012 04:49:04
  6. tomboybynature
    sum1 call me a ‘brown nose’ just cus i stick up 4 my friends when they r attacked. i am nt religious, but neither vicious i will defend!
    Thu, May 17 2012 04:24:22
  7. Let me make this clear: everyone these two simply don’t like, regardless of what they’ve said (or even not said) has resulted in a block and report for abuse. I used a separate account to comment publicly on their behaviour and even that got targeted by these two. Should I vanish on Twitter for a spell be aware this is what it’s down to.

    But this, friends, is what theists and their moronic supporters do when challenged. Twitter is a public forum, and I will continue to ensure these loonjobs are held to account, not just for their extreme (and stupid) views, but for their behaviour as well.

I thought I’d share this with you directly from my Storify account, to show you just what these people do and how they do it. I’m currently blocked by both these people, and they claim both to have reported me to Twitter for ‘abuse’. If that’s abuse I’m the Spanish Inquisition. Comments welcome here and on Twitter.

  1. Don’t worry you won’t be banned. I’ve said the most heinous things on twitter and it’s never happened to me. They might look to see if you’re spam and clearly they’ll see you aren’t and leave it alone.

  2. sprecher says:

    Some people hide behind their god while others of us enjoy learning by being open minded and open to discussion and challenge. These people are weak in their beliefs that’s why they can’t handle a little bit of adversity.

  3. A bit depends on the particulars, but just as a side note, I often like to remind people that it isn’t their God i am mocking. …which may not be all that helpful if your goal is to make nice.

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